TRAININGDOCTOR.US, an international training design and development team, provides focused training and development products that produce measurable results. Our customized instructional technologies and design templates promote effective and efficient training and communication.

Training Doctor designing solutionsTRAININGDOCTOR.US conducts training needs analysis by examining all alternatives before designing solutions. Our clients will then possess the evidence on which to base a sound strategy for problem-solving.

Our document design group creatively produces training materials from concept through completion based on sound instructional design theory. In the design process, we remain sensitive to the organization’s demographics and preferences. These preferences provide you with:

  • a design template to assist in developing the content for the program material;
  • a checklist for making decisions about the learning activities;
  • instructional technologies appropriate for the audience, content, organizational environment, and the learning objectives and methods; and
  • instructional sequencing that promotes learner engagement in memorable, challenging, collaborative, and relevant activities.