Training Delivery and DesignAn Eight-Step Change ModelConducting a Needs AnalysisInstructional Design for Action LearningManaging Differences

Training Design & DeliveryDevelop training content that adheres to today’s demanding standards.

Master trainer Geri McArdle’s refresh of Training Design and Delivery makes accessible the proven principles and tools that countless trainers rely on.

Her third edition highlights new training delivery systems that have had an immediate and far-reaching impact on training. More importantly, it hones in on their technologies. McArdle has substantially added to the section on delivery and provides new chapters on project management and international training.

This simple, single-source guide to developing and implementing training belongs on the bookshelf of every trainer.

In this book you will learn:

  • What it takes to meet standards of training design, development, and delivery
  • How to use a multistep training program design tool to create a training module and program
  • Which tools and techniques to use to open, conduct, and close a training.


by Geri E. H. McArdle, Ph.D.
ISBN-10: 156286971X
ISBN-13: 978-1562869717
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8-Step-Change-ModelProvides you with the process, tools, and tactics you need by walking you through the simple steps of a change process…

Is your organization planning a large-scale change initiative? Do you know what needs to be done to manage and facilitate this process smoothly? And just as important, do you know how to alleviate the fears of those going through this process? Change can be messy, scary, and challenging. But with the right process, tools, and facilitation efforts in place, it can be a smooth and positive experience. This issue of Infoline   will provide you with the process, tools, and tactics you need by walking you through the eight simple steps of a change process and ultimately will provide you with the know-how you need to become a skilled and knowledgeable change agent.

By Dr. Geri McArdle
Publisher: ASTD Press (August 1, 2006)
ISBN: 10: 1562864335 or ISBN: 13: 978-1562864330
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Conducting-Needs-AnalysisThis book presents a four-step model for conducting a training needs analysis.   There are four sections in the book covering how to gather and organize data from various sources; analyze the data and evaluation training possibilities and the final section addresses the issue for setting up ongoing training systems.

by Geri E. H. McArdle, Ph.D.
ISBN: 1-4239-5550-1
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Developing-Instructional-DesignWhen training participants can relate lessons to their own job experiences, they learn and retain more at a much deeper level. Action learning strategies incorporated into lesson design and presentation ensures that learners engage in a way that lets them use their new knowledge and skills in their jobs immediately to get real, measurable results; the lessons stick.

Filled with examples of action learning techniques that readers can implement in their design and delivery, the latest book by Dr. Geri McArdle shows trainers how to:

  • Create fun and memorable activities that match participants’ needs,
    learning styles, and levels of understanding
  • Encourage learners to build on their own experiences
  • Evaluate learner mastery during the entire learning event
  • Strengthen learning transfer back on the job
  • Accurately measure post-training results


A trainer works hard to ensure lessons stick; “Instructional Design for Action Learning” provides the tools to make it happen.

by Geri McArdle
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: AMACOM
ISBN:10: 0814415660 or ISBN:13: 978-0814415665
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Managing-DifferencesThis book discusses some of the wide range of factors that come into play when we attempt to manage differences.   Reading this book you can expect to acquire an understanding of the facts motivating individuals when they encounter differences – differences that ultimately result in conflict.   You will gain insights into effectively managing these types of disputes.   And you will be able to apply these tools to everyday situations at work, at home, and in social settings.

by Geri E. H. McArdle, Ph.D.
ISBN: 13 978-1-56052-320-8 or ISBN: 10 1-56052-320-4
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