Monday Morning Memos

The 2016 Monday Morning Memo for Trainers presents a compilation of ten years interviewing 125 international training professionals who have provided examples, strategies, techniques, and trainer wisdom which they wanted to share with international professional training community.  The Monday Morning Memos for Trainers will discuss the following topics through this year:

  • Define the manager role in training.
  • Use design technique in the Training Primer to create and present training.
  • Design OJT unstructured and structured training.
  • Identify and deal with learner resistance.
  • Develop brain-based training module formats using active and accelerated learning techniques to promote critical thinking skills for learners.
  • Identify and use new trainer skills.
  • Create competency–based training strategies that promote retention.
  • Develop lively and focused learning activities.
  • Prepare training sessions that integrate lively learning strategies for the learner.